Carnivals: Leadership Development, Small Business Issues

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 9:00pm by Site Administrator

Bootstrapper made it into a couple more carnivals that I’m aware of. Last Friday, it was the Carnival of Leadership Development with Seven characteristics of highly successful entrepreneurs. This carnival has 20 entires in total, all related to business, mostly focusing on management and leadership.

In the Carnival of Small Business Issues Edition 9 is 21 ways to promote your startup business. This edition has 16 entries total covering about a half-dozen categories relevant to small business.

Please go check out both carnivals. If you have your own business-related blog, maybe even link to them or submit an article of your own.

As do each time I post one of these carnival roundups, I’d like to remind you of the Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs. The first deadline has passed and entries will be posted sometime this coming Saturday or Sunday. You can enter a relevant article of your own (no trying to sell something, please), which will be considered for later editions. The intent is to make this a weekly and to open it up for rotating hosts, come mid-August or so. So polish up your best article related to entrepreneuring, especially on a budget – i.e., bootstrapping – and use the carnival submission form.

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Weekly Carnival Roundup

Saturday, June 30, 2007 at 2:00pm by Site Administrator

Bootstrapper made it in to several blog carnivals this week. In addition to to Carnival of Budgeting #9 and Carnival of Debt Reduction #93, here are a few others.

  1. Carnival of Debt Management #155 Reasons to get out of debt fast.
  2. Carnival of Debt Relief #35 ways to increase your wealth.
  3. Carnival of Entrepreneurs #27Cautionary tales from a fellow entrepreneur.
  4. Working at Home Carnival #39Reasons to build a business online.

Instructions on submitting posts to those carnivals are available on their individual pages.

The deadline for the first Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs has passed and I’m looking over entries now. There are lots of great entries, and unfortunately lots that are totally irrelevant or trying to sell something. The latter types will not, I’m afraid make it to any edition, so please read the instructions. I’ve moved up the first edition to Sat July 7th instead of 14th. So if you send additional entries, they will be considered for July 14, 21 and 28. It looks as if there is enough interest to maintain a weekly carnival. If anyone is interested in hosting a future edition starting mid-August, let me know.

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Festival of Frugality #77

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 3:14pm by Site Administrator

David at My Two Dollars has just posted all the editor’s selections for the Festival of Frugality #77. My piece on free applications for entrepreneurs was one of the selections. Check out the festival, as there is a giant list of links to articles about frugality. If you feel like hosting this carnival, check out the Festival of Frugality blog. Carnivals are a great way to network within the blogosphere, draw backlinks, and visitors. So it can be worth the time. Also check out the description for the new Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs, which will start off here soon, then hopefully move elsewhere.

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Carnival of Entrepreneurs #23 On

Monday, May 28, 2007 at 10:00pm by Site Administrator

Startup Spark, permanent home to the Carnival of Entrepreneurs, just posted the list of entrants for CoE #23. My post Essential skills for entrepreneurs made it on to this week’s carnival. The CoE is probably one of the biggest blogger carnivals I’ve seen. If you want to enter, use the CoE submission form.

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