Business Credit Cards With Rewards

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Best Credit Card Rewards for Business Owners


Business credit cards differ from consumer cards in several important ways. Beyond their interest rates and high credit limits, one of the best benefits that a business card has over a private card is the rewards program. Of course, other credit card companies offer rewards, but business cards often have the best rewards options. When used wisely, these rewards can substantially benefit the company’s financial goals.


Best Rewards Cards for Businesses

Credit card rewards aren’t limited just to frequent flyer miles these days. Depending on the needs of your business, you can utilize different types of rewards. Here are some of the best business cards on the market for different needs:


Capital One Venture for Businesses

Some small business owners can benefit from airline miles, and this is one of the better cards for people who need to travel. The card allows you to earn two miles per dollar spent, and the miles can be redeemed from any airline, so you’re sure to get the best deal. You can trade every 100 miles earned on the card for $1 of airfare, essentially providing your business with a 2% reward on all purchases. For business owners who must travel extensively, this card is well worth its low annual fee.


Chase Ink Cash Business Card

For companies that spend a lot of money on office supplies and client meals, the Chase Ink card is an ideal choice. Aimed at businesses with a long history of good credit, this card offers 3% cash-back on office supply purchases and 1% on all other purchases. Points can be redeemed for gift cards that can help stretch your restaurant budget.


U.S. Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Visa

For businesses that need flexibility in their rewards and spend a lot of time on the go, this card has several unique benefits. Purchases of gas, office supplies and wireless services all earn 3% cash back rewards, and all other purchases earn a 1% cash rebate. The cash rewards can be redeemed every $25 that is earned. Even better, there’s no annual fee and members get a 25% bonus on all cash rebates at the one-year anniversary of obtaining the card.


Things to Consider When Getting a Business Credit Card

Of course, the above-mentioned cards are only a few of the excellent rewards cards offered to small businesses. You can search for more cards that will suit your needs online and compare features to decide which will be best. When obtaining a card, you’ll want to consider the following things to guide your search:

  • Why are you getting the card? If you’re obtaining a credit card to help fund your business’s start-up costs, you’ll want to look for one with a long introductory offer and low interest. If you’re getting one as a long-term spending tool for your employees, you’ll want something with high rewards on purchases and low annual fees.
  • What kind of spending will you do? Different cards reward different types of spending. If you’re using the card to set up your business, a high cash-back return on office supplies might be your best bet. If you plan to use it to pay for travel expenses, cash-back for gas purchases are a better choice.
  • What kind of rewards do you want? Be realistic about what will benefit your business the most. If your company has no need of travel, airline miles won’t really benefit you. Opt for a cash-back reward or gift cards instead.

Also bear in mind that you’re redeeming your rewards for your company, not yourself. Although you may be tempted by gift cards or other physical gifts, if they don’t benefit your business, you shouldn’t opt for a card with those rewards.

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