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Finding ideal rates and terms for a personal credit card can be hassle enough, but at the same time, looking for the perfect business credit card can feel like too much trouble for too few advantages. But a business card can be the perfect solution for short-term credit needs when you are starting a new venture and need access to extra funds from month to month to cover inventory or overhead costs. A wide variety of online resources from government branches and major organizations exist to help you make the choice, but they can be difficult to find without a handy guide that collects them all in one place. Thankfully you do.

Determine Your Eligibility

Credit Cards: Seven Things to Know About Business Credit Cards: This article answers questions about eligibility, long-term effects, and other key considerations that could make or break your business. While the list focuses on advantages, it is still a good starting place. Small Business Credit Cards: This article provides solid information on the subject and helps you make up your mind about business cards and how they work. Follow the side links for more tips.

NFIB: Securing Credit When Self Employed: This National Federation of Independent Businesses offers this simple article to help you build your business the right way, so that if you ever need credit, you will stand a good chance of applying successfully.

Consider Your Situation: Do You Need a Card?

NFIB: What to Look for in a Company Credit Card: The National Federation of Independent Businesses is an excellent resources for all sorts of questions. This article lays out the basics of business cards and what makes for ideal terms.

NFIB: Does Your Business Need a Line of Credit?: This article breaks down this simple question. After all, you may be able to survive without a credit card.

SBA: Do Credit Cards from Your Business Report to Your Personal Credit Reports?: The short answer is maybe, but either way this article provides some solid warnings and advice on keeping your personal loans separate from your business card.

Your Credit History

BBB: Managing Credit: FAQs: This list of FAQs from the Better Business Bureau answers a broad range of questions on business credit and how credit scores are used.

NFIB: How to Establish Solid Business Credit: This article provides a great list for starting your business credit and maintaining it properly as your company grows. Start here and learn key facts before it is too late.

SBA: Business Loan Checklist: If you are worried about your credit history or what lenders will be looking for, this Small Business Administration article is an excellent place to start. This useful lists end with a series of links to other SBA articles as well.

Different Types of Cards: Making a Decision

BBB: Choosing the Right Kind of Card for Your Business: The Better Business Bureau steps in with advice on good card features, and a very handy list of the major types of business cards you can apply for, arranged primarily based on their rewards and benefits.

NASDAQ: Small Business Credit Cards vs. Corporate Cards: Avoid confusion with this NASDAQ article on the differences between a card for your venture and a corporate card that large companies use.

Daily Markets: Business Credit Cards: Which Business Credit Card to Get?: This Daily Markets article lists some of the business cards offered by major players such as Chase and American Express. Read it carefully to find comparisons and tips on which card to choose.

Taking the Time: Creating Good Business Credit

Inc.: How to Responsibly Use Credit Cards for Your Business: This Inc. article gives you tips on your business credit score and how to keep your credit in good standing through wise business management. If you have a business card, it makes for invaluable reading.

NFIB: How to Fix Your Small Business Credit Score: Here are three simple steps to improve your credit score, but be sure to search the NFIB website for more information. The links on the side lead to stable online resources that offer ways to check or improve your score.

BBB: Need More Help? Good Ways to Get Help Now: This Better Business Bureau article goes through several ways you can salvage your business credit and turn a bad situation into something better. If you have made a few business mistakes with your card, this resource can help you stabilize.

Business Credit Card Exploration

The credit world constantly adapts to financial changes, so it is worth it to do some research of your own. Shop carefully and always compare rates or rewards with similar cards offered by other lenders. Explore sites like the FTC and SBA for more information on credit and business finances to find out if a card is right for you.

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