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Your Guide To Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are valuable tools that offer multiple advantages to businesses. They help open up a company’s spending flexibility, they can track spending habits and they help build credit. But with the wide selection of business credit card offerings on the market today it can be a little overwhelming. We at are here to provide you with helpful information regarding all aspects of business credit cards. Whether you are trying to choose the right card, applying for credit or just trying to figure out your options, these articles below should help you on your path to finding the best business credit card for you and your company.

Apply for a Business Credit Card: Before you head to the bank to get a business credit card, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all of the information available that you will need. By knowing in advance what the card provider requires, you can ensure that your application is processed quickly and there will be no problems.

Apply for Business Credit Card: Did you know that one doesn’t have to be part of a structured business to be eligible for a business credit card? Are you aware of the specifics that will determine if you qualify for a business credit card? Did you know only half of small business card usage is actually in a business name? Are you aware these cards can be crucial in sorting through expenditures?

Best Business Credit Cards: A good business credit card is one of the best ways to open up a company’s spending flexibility and track the company’s spending habits at the same time. The wide selection of business credit card offers on the market today can be overwhelming, especially if you are a small business owner who does not have the time to compare hundreds of credit card details. Some of the best card offers share several characteristics that are easy to recognize once you know what to look for.

Best Business Credit Cards 2012: Before considering the best credit card offers of 2012, owners should be aware there is no single best card. Every business is different, and the best credit offer is the one matching up with the needs of your business.

Best Business Credit Cards for Small Business: Legislation written for private consumers does not always extend to businesses. The recent credit card reform act, or CARD, was specifically created for individuals. The protections of this act do not extend to small businesses, so the credit card companies are making extremely enticing offers. Before you decide to get a rewards card for your growing business, you should know exactly what you’re getting into.

Business Credit Application: A business credit card will help keep your records and expenses in check. It can help plan budgets and build your company’s creditworthiness. Applying and getting one can be a boon to your business’s reputation and future. But what happens if your application is rejected? While a credit agency might have any number of reasons for dismissing an application, there are some general standards that always lead to rejection.

Business Credit Card: Just like a private credit card, spending on a business card can get out of hand, and when multiple employees have access to the card, the risks multiply. Fortunately, with a little forethought and planning, you can manage your business credit card in a way that will improve both your company’s credit score and the financial health of your business.

Business Credit Card Application: New business has always faced a catch-22 of sorts regarding credit. Generally speaking, they need more and have access to less. Whether it is a bank loan or business credit card, lenders want access to the same information used in processing personal credit applications. Namely, they want a history of debts and payments that can be used to establish their risk. They use this information to decide on whether to fill the application and at what terms.

Business Credit Card Cash Back: One of the greatest benefits of business credit cards is that they simplify the tracking of expenditures. Business owners might be under the impression that the extra task of keeping track of rewards for business credit card use may be an unnecessary use of time. However, the benefits of cash back rewards on business expenditures through a business credit card rewards program are many.

Business Credit Card Comparison: Business should never be personal, especially when it comes to finances. There’s nothing more jeopardizing than long-term use of personal funds to keep a company going. This definitely applies to funds set aside for a start-up. It’s important to keep these monies separate from money used to buy groceries and gas. Maintaining separate business and personal checking accounts is the sensible alternative. And the long-term goal has to be reducing and eliminating reliance on personal cash to finance the business.

Business Credit Card Offers: When shopping for a business credit account, you will need to consider the options carefully. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of credit offers and lending institutions out there, and all of them are in business to make money. The following key areas will be found on every offer.

Business Credit Card Rates: Similar to interest on personal credit cards, business credit card interest has fluctuated over the last few years. Interest rates and a variety of fees have gone up and down. This year promises to be a banner year for marketing because of stiff competition among credit card companies.

Business Credit Card Reviews: A business credit card is an ally. You can acquire supplies and equipment that can’t be done with limited cash. You can build company creditworthiness and financial stability. You can ease bookkeeping woes with detailed expense reports. You can stop propping the business up with personal cash. Yet, not all business credit cards are created equal. Here are some highly recommended issuers of business credit cards and some of their finest offerings.

Business Credit Cards: Paper transactions are becoming a thing of the past and wireless transactions are the wave of the future. There are many advantages to having a business credit card as long as you use it responsibly. There are hundreds of business credit cards to choose from, so the first step is to determine your needs and look for a credit card tailored for your particular line of business.

Business Credit Cards for Bad Credit: Bad credit can be a hindrance when it comes to running your own business. Discover ways to improve your bad credit and how your business will benefit from an improved credit score.

Business Credit Cards no Personal Guarantee: Since start-up failure is common, and owners don’t always have the minimum 650 credit score lenders prefer, it is worthwhile to consider alternative means of establishing business credit without relying on a personal guarantee. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Business Credit Cards with Rewards: Business credit cards differ from consumer cards in several important ways. Beyond their interest rates and high credit limits, one of the best benefits that a business card has over a private card is the rewards program. When used wisely, these rewards can substantially benefit the company’s financial goals.

Business Credit Cards without Personal Guarantee: It can be uncomfortable to tie your personal assets into your business assets, but sometimes there is no way to avoid it. The best you can do is negotiate a deal that works for both you and the lender.

Business Rewards Credit Cards: Credit card companies are now offering enticing business rewards cards. In addition to providing you with an easy way to make purchases for the business, they can actually pay you back with free airline tickets, special deals and even cash back offers. Read the fine print carefully and make sure you understand all the limitations before deciding if an offer is right for your company.

Business Secured Credit Card: Those ubiquitous secured credit offers by direct mail have dwindled, and the major banks have largely stopped offering them at all. Secured business credit cards can still be found, but there are alternatives to consider in the effort to establish a credit history for your business.

Capital One Business Credit Card: When it comes to business credit cards, Capital One is ranked high in its industry and with consumers. One of the largest issuers of business credit cards in the world, Capital One promotes a series of cards that are designed for specific business needs and desires.

Chase Business Credit Card: Finding the right business rewards card can be challenging, but it is worth the search. Choose a card based on your personal travel needs and spending habits. The right card is waiting at Chase, and you will be amazed at how many benefits you can earn.

Citibank Business Credit Card: Citibank has a keen understanding of the requirements a business owner looks for to build and maintain creditworthiness. It knows there are things that have to be accomplished today and plans that have to be executed tomorrow.

Compare Business Credit Cards: Choosing a business credit card is all important. Flexibility, confidence, a safety net, building business credit — all these and more come with having one. This is especially true for a small business which, more likely than not, will lack the financial resources of their larger competitors.

Corporate Business Credit Card: Searching for business credit cards can be a bit confusing. Many lists of the top credit options contain a number of great cards for small business, but these may not be distinguished from corporate credit cards. This can lead to unreal expectations on the part of owners, and it points to the first necessary distinction. What is the difference between a small business and corporate entity?

Credit Card: For sole proprietors and other types of small business, securing a loan can be next to impossible. In order to cover the costs of beginning a home business, many entrepreneurs turn to credit cards to finance their purchases. Although business credit cards can be a great financial tool for a business enterprise, they are certainly not risk-free, and it’s important to carefully consider all of your options before making a decision.

Credit Card Act of 2009: President Barack Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act into law on May 22, 2009. The new law, commonly known as the Credit CARD Act of 2009, places limits and restrictions on the way credit card companies may do business, as well as the charges that the companies may assess to consumer accounts.

Credit Card Business: Cash flow problems can happen any time during normal business conditions. A customer may be slow to pay an invoice, you may receive more orders than you expected, or materials costs may rise more than you predicted. Any number of situations might leave you needing a little extra cash to make it through a fiscal period. If managed properly, a credit card can provide the extra spending power you need until the regular finances smooth over again.

Credit Card Business Cards: Default is considered on par with bankruptcy in that it will result in lasting damage to the credit score and stay on your history for 10 years. Other creditors may respond to changes in your credit score by closing accounts or increasing the APR.

Credit Card Fees for Businesses: Every business account, even those from the same lender, is different. Comparing several interest, rewards, and fee structures can be time-consuming. Some may waive the annual fee the first year or only charge this fee under specific circumstances. Other cards charge exorbitant fees for late payments or specific type of transaction while others will be more lenient. There is a best credit card for your business, and the search begins with learning to recognize the common fee categories.

Credit Card for Business: The easiest way to keep track of business expenses is with the use of a business credit card. There are certain aspects of using a business credit card that a business owner must understand for the endeavor to be successful. Owners that use credit cards just like they would cash will discover that computerized bookkeeping is simple and saves time and money in the process.

Credit Cards: When applying for a business loan, you may need to use your own personal credit history on the application unless the business already has substantial credit accumulated. Since most business loans are issued early in the life of a business, it’s unlikely that your company will have enough credit accrued to evade this.

Credit Cards Business: Besides establishing a stronger credit score, unsecured business credit provides access to higher maximum limits, better lending terms, and better rewards options versus personal credit cards. They also outperform traditional loans in some ways. Read on to learn more about how a business credit card can help your business stay afloat in troubled water.

Credit Cards for Business: Business credit cards extend the purchasing power of a company and enable business owners to make the purchases necessary to maintain the business even when funds are tight. In a struggling economy, banks are less willing to extend loans to businesses, especially ones that are just starting out. However, just like any credit card, a business card comes with responsibilities.

Credit Cards for Small Business: There are a number of common credit card issues faced by small businesses. All can be avoided if approached with a strategy and understanding the business of credit processing. Not all obstacles will apply to all businesses. Even a brief conversation about potential problems with a financial adviser can be beneficial.

Credit Cards Small Business: Small businesses are struggling to find credit in part because major banks are not loaning to small businesses as they have done in past years. Therefore, small business owners are finding alternative ways to fund their businesses. Some choose to use personal credit cards for startup costs.

Discover Business Credit Card: Discover has established an excellent reputation as a credit card company for personal cards. In recent years, Discover has begun to offer credit cards for businesses, as well. Discover offers two business credit cards: The Discover Business Card and the Discover Business Miles Card.

How to get a Business Credit Card: The process of getting a business credit card is not much different from applying for a personal credit card. First, you need to get your personal credit rating in shape. Whether you will qualify for a business credit card is generally based on your personal credit rating. Ensure your FICO score is good to excellent in order to qualify for a business card with an attractive interest rate.

HSBC Business Credit Card: Lenders have different ways of assessing risk, and they always emphasize some special feature. Your task is to identify the credit card offer with the features best suited to your business. You can gain an idea of what to look for on credit offers with this summary of the HSBC MasterCard BusinessCard and its BusinessCard Rewards program.

Instant Approval Business Credit Cards: The recession brought tighter rules on who can obtain business credit, and more than ever business owners will find credit tends to be most available when it is required the least. However, it is still possible to access instant approval lines of credit. The right preparations will increase your chances, but it is first necessary to know the chances of gaining instant approval with different types of business credit cards.

Low Interest Business Credit Cards: As a business owner, every expense eats into your profit margin. Controlling interest rates and eliminating every expense possible will help put you in the black. If you use a business credit card for miscellaneous purchases and rewards, then you can benefit greatly from lowering that interest rate. Here is the information you need to earn a lower interest rate.

Lowes Business Credit Card: Lowe’s wants to make getting to your solutions simpler. They offer several business credit cards designed for ease of purchase, paying your bill and managing accounts online. These cards all offer an across the board 5% discount on in-store purchases. While this discount may vary from store to store, with more than 40,000 products, this is still an advantage to business owners.

New Business Credit Card: The biggest mistakes most small businesses make are financial. Borrowing large sums before making a penny and being unable to repay in a timely manner has closed many a business door for good. Here are some other common mistakes.

New Business Credit Cards: In a time when banks are not lending to small businesses, a surprising number of business credit card “deals” are available. Some of these deals are not deals at all, but rather traps that businesses, particularly new businesses should avoid.

Prepaid Business Credit Cards: Prepaid business credit cards are normally purposed for individuals with poor credit who do not qualify for a regular business credit card. A pre-paid business card enables the card holder to experience some of the benefits of having a business credit card without having a standard business card.

Secured Business Credit Card: Secured business credit cards help the business owner establish or re-establish credit for the business. However, the secured business card is different from an unsecured card. For example, the business owner must deposit funds into a special savings account for the account to establish a credit limit.

Small Business Credit Cards: Small businesses often need a financial edge during slow economic times, at start up and in seasonal occupations. A business credit card can ease the financial burden during these times giving business owners access to affordable cash flow. A business credit card is an unsecured line of credit that requires no collateral. In a small business, cash flow can mean the difference between success and failure.

U.S. Bank Business Credit Card: U.S. Bank offers business owners several options for business credit cards. U.S. Bank offers business rewards cards of various types. U.S. Bank offers seven different business credit cards. With all but one card, some type of reward program is provided.

Visa Business Credit Card: Featuring various providers and several advanced benefits and features, Visa business credit cards are a viable choice for small business owners who are just starting out or looking to expand a thriving business. According to, Visa’s business credit cards offer the several benefits and features for enrolled cardholders.

Wells Fargo Business Credit Card: Choosing a credit card and provider for your business is a time-consuming process. Some feature lower interest rates, longer introductory periods, no charge on foreign currency exchanges, or rewards programs targeted to different types of business. With so many options available, it is generally worthwhile for owners to select more than one business credit card for use in different situations. A review of business credit options from Wells Fargo bank will provide insight into the assessment of options.

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