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Business owners and self-employed individuals will find businesscreditcards.com extremely useful in their search for a new business card. From cash back cards, 0 percent APR cards to cards for people with bad credit, we can help you find the right card that will benefit your business as well as your own credit. For advice on business ownership and handling work-related finances, check out our blog, called "Bootstrapper." Read articles on savings, retirement plans, entrepreneurship, productivity and more on this helpful blog.


Business credit cards give you the ability to keep track of all purchases and have accurate records of monthly spending. You can also build a separate credit record with your business credit cards. Business owners can also authorize their employees to use to use a company card, which allows owners to track employee expenses. All in all, using a business credit card helps you run your business more smoothly, keep track of expenses and receive complimentary rewards.

For more information on Business Credit Cards, click on our Business Credit Card Guide.

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