Music to Your Wallet: 50 Places to Find Free Music Lessons Online

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Learning to play an instrument can be expensive. The instrument itself is likely going to put a dent in your budget. Luckily, you don’t have to spend tons of money to learn how to play that instrument. The Internet has many websites that offer free lessons for almost any instrument imaginable. For the sake of brevity, this list just focuses on the most popular music lessons available online. Piano So you’ve just inherited your great aunt’s piano and you don’t know how to play? No worries…here are some great places to get started tickling those ivories.

  1. Piano lessons for the beginner or someone who could use some review are available here. A handful of lessons are available online with more gradually being added. If you want to order their CD with even more lessons, they request that you provide a donation to cover the costs.
  2. Free Online Piano Lessons. For the beginning student, this site offers lessons to get you started. In addition to these lessons, this site offers suggestions for other places to go for more lessons (not all are free).
  3. Piano Clues. If you want to learn to play the piano, organ, or electric keyboard, visit this blog. You’ll get lessons and tips to get you started and keep you going.
  4. Hear and Play. Learn to play piano by ear with four easy steps. You will need to register to get the free lessons, and not all the lessons here are free.
  5. Pianologist. Devoted to innovative piano playing, this blog gives lessons on a variety of piano styles. Also check out the links to free piano lessons and activities available on the Internet.
  6. These ten detailed lessons culminate with an examination to see how far you’ve come. Using a combination of video, text, and photos, these lessons will have you playing the piano in no time.
  7. Sonny’s Piano Blog. You’ll have to scroll through some For Sale posts, but this blog offers free tips and lessons for playing the piano. The video format of the lessons make it easy to understand the topic.
  8. PianoMinds. This blog offers tips and lessons on playing the piano. You will also enjoy the YouTube tutorials this young man offers. Be sure to use the search feature if you are looking for specific topics.
  9. Here’s a useful site–free piano lessons and piano information. Learn about’s free lessons on this blog post. Not only can you get information directly from the website, but you can receive lessons by email, too.
  10. Piano with Nicole. While this blog is specifically aimed at teaching youth, there are lots of lessons to be gained by adults too. Don’t forget to visit her links for piano students section for links to more information for both children and adult learners.

Guitar Probably the most popular instrument to learn is the guitar. Here is a sampling of the many websites that offer free guitar lessons. Some are for specific types of guitars while others are more general.

  1. Over 90 video lessons are available at this site as well as even more text lessons. They also offer premium lessons for a small fee if you want something more than what is available for no cost.
  2. Free Guitar Video Lessons. This guitar lesson blog is updated daily with new lessons. Learn how to play the guitar with a wide range of videos from various sources.
  3. Guitar MX. Learn to play with this site that offers both text and video lessons. Also available is a selection of shareware or freeware software programs to help you learn to play.
  4. Beginner Guitar Lesson Archive. With these eleven text lessons, you will be on your way to learning to play the guitar. As an added feature, you can submit your email address and get each of the lessons emailed to you each week.
  5. Using a combination of text, video, and MP3 files, you can learn the guitar here. In addition to the general lessons, you can also get lessons in blues, rock and metal, jazz, and songwriting. The lessons at this site are free, but donations are gladly accepted from those who can afford to make a contribution.
  6. Jack Grassel Jazz Guitar. Click on the Lessons menu to get a dropdown menu from which to choose your text lessons on playing jazz guitar. Most lessons also come with suggestions for further reading.
  7. Guitar Lessons. These lessons are designed for the beginner and are specifically for electric guitar. You can even sign up for email notifications when new lessons are posted.
  8. Cyberfret. This site offers links to various free guitar lessons on the Internet. Sign up with your email address to receive free lessons, tips, and site updates.
  9. WholeNote. This "guitar community" offers all things guitar and is run by the contributions of the members. Free registration is required to get the full benefits of this community. Without registering, you still have access to tons of lessons ranging from the absolute beginner to advanced or choose specific styles of playing such as rock, acoustic, and classical.
  10. GuitarNoise Blog. Learn a little something about playing the guitar every week with this blog. Podcasts are also available.

Violin, Viola, and Cello These three stringed instruments produce some of the most beautiful musical sounds. These instruments require a lot of practice, so get started on your lessons now with these resources.

  1. Violin Masterclass. With these Quicktime videos, you can learn all you need to know to get started playing the violin. There is also a section just for children learning to play. Lessons are free, but donations are accepted.
  2. Violin Online. Learn how to hold and play the violin with these text and photo lessons. If you are new to music altogether, you can also learn music basics at this site.
  3. View these eight lessons to get started playing the violin. In addition to the elessons, this site also offers book recommendations for both beginners and intermediate players and a FAQ section.
  4. Folk of the Wood. This site is still uploading all their lessons. Eventually, they will offer lessons grouped by beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For now, beginners can learn how to play the violin with their text and photo lessons.
  5. Get free violin lessons at this website. The lessons have both text and video. Each lesson has a nice follow-up with questions about the lesson and additional homework you can do to enhance the lesson.
  6. Check this out for free lessons as well as free sheet music for violin. There’s even a beginner’s course in music theory if you need to start at the very beginning. And you can get viola lessons here.
  7. Cello Lessons and Resources. Learn the basics of playing the cello or read about an adult just starting on the journey of learning to play with these handy resources. Scroll to the bottom for links to even more cello resources.
  8. How to Play the Cello. These 19 steps will get you started with how to hold the cello and identify the parts. While this is a great place to start, you will likely need another source to get you very much further with your lessons.
  9. Cello Heaven. This forum offers answers to many questions on how to play the cello. You will also find posts with instructional videos as well.
  10. How to Play the Cello. These fifteen videos will help you with many aspects of playing the cello. There’s even a video on the proper way to clean your cello.

General Music Lessons From music theory to a wide range of different musical instruments, you will find all sorts of free music lessons among these sites. Many of these resources offer multiple types of lessons.

  1. Berklee Shares. This site offers lessons in songwriting, music business, performance, music production, and music education. The lessons are available in video, audio (MP3), and PDF text files. all lessons are designed by the Berklee College of Music faculty and alumni.
  2. Practicespot. In a slightly different approach, this website offers tools, articles, and more to enhance your playing. You can even look up musical terms in their online dictionary.
  3. Gary Ewer’s Easy Music Theory. Take advantage of these 26 free lessons on music theory. Each lesson comes with an instruction sheet, a quiz, and an answer sheet.
  4. Enjoy these interactive music theory lessons. You can also use trainers or take advantage of utilities such as a staff paper generator–and it’s all free.
  5. Capotasto Music. This blog features tips for voice, guitar, violin, and ukulele. Click on the links at the right for free lessons specific to guitar, piano, and ukulele and to get free sheet music.
  6. May Music Studio. Learn to play guitar, drums, or piano on this site with free lessons. You can also learn about music theory, songwriting, and download free music software.
  7. Free Music Lessons Online! For now… This blog post tells you how to get free music lessons from YouTube. These lessons are all video-based, so you can actually see how to play the instruments.
  8. Your Daily Music Lesson with Walt. Read this blog for news and music lessons. Also, Walt has a daily Ustream lesson from 6:00-8:00 pm EST. While Walt plays guitar, the Ustream lessons range beyond just guitar and include piano and general music lessons as well.
  9. Top 40 Music Sites. Click on Lesson Sites to find lots of free lessons for a wide range of musical instruments and voice. You can use the search box or browse by category to find what you need.
  10. Vocal Training Warrior. Learn about how to get the most from your voice. Posts on this blog include using differing styles, proper posture, and diction.

Sheet Music Once you start learning your new hobby, you will need sheet music to help you learn. It’s nice to have a variety, so all the following sites offer free sheet music ranging from classical to modern music.

  1. Get free tablature and sheet music here as well as some free lessons. The focus of this website is on violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, dobro, cello, and viola.
  2. Violinandviola Free Sheet Music. Download PDF files to get free sheet music for violin and viola. Teaching resources are also available for downloading.
  3. The Mutopia Project. Browse by instrument or composer or perform a search to find printable sheet music. With over 1300 pieces of music, you are sure to find something to make you happy.
  4. Werner Icking Music Archive. Find scores for a wide variety of instruments and voice at this site. It’s helpful to read the Introduction to the sheet music archive section before you begin downloading.
  5. The Stringstuff Page. Download free sheet music for stringed instruments at this site. There are also lesson sheets for violin and viola as well as exercise sheets for violin, viola, and cello.
  6. Calm-Down-Corner. This site offers intentionally short piano sheet music. In addition to the free music, you can also receive premium sheet music for a fee that will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment (in Euros).
  7. Piano Passion’s Guide. Take advantage of this comprehensive listing of free sheet music available on the Internet. Just in case you don’t have the correct software to view and print the music, there are links to those as well.
  8. Words and Music. Get free popular sheet music at this site. Download both music and lyrics from artists that range from the Beatles to Bon Jovi.
  9. Download free piano sheet music from classical composers. You must be a paid subscriber to access all sheet music, but many are available for free.
  10. Get MIDI format hymn sheet music from this site. The files are provided by a company selling music lesson DVDs, but this music is available for free.
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