Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship #12

Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 7:26am by Site Administrator

Greetings! Welcome to the 12th edition of the Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship. We have selected 50 posts for this edition. Here are the posts in the order they were received.

Mark presents 91 Financial Terms You Should Know (Or At Least Be Aware Of.) posted at Thoughts, Ideas, and Other Randomness. A huge list of financial terms and their definitions. You need to know these if you’re running a business, a household, or just managing your money.

Anthony presents 7 Keys To Customer Service Excellence posted at The Lives and Times… of Anthony McCune.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Small Business Stands Up to be Counted posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents There’s No Need To Admit You’re Telling The Truth… Unless You’re A Liar! posted at Rebecca Dean.

Joshua C. Karlin presents Fundraising Ideas – Identification posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Rich Vosler presents Don’t let your struggles defeat you posted at Sales Training Tips.

Edith presents Free Live Call with Marketing Guru Seth Godin – Meatball Sundae (April 9th) Hosted by SFentrepreneur posted at San Francisco Bay Area Small Business Community That Connects You With Entrepreneurs Around You.

Hill Robertson presents Are You Working for the Weekend? posted at Internet Business Success Guide from a Geek. Do not focus on working for the weekend. Focus on working for freedom.

Mark D. Russell presents 5 Ideas For Affiliate Marketing Websites posted at

Dorian Wales presents Is Present Value – Value in the Present? The Economic sense behind Net Present Value posted at Personal Financier.

Steven Chang presents 100 Ways To Explode Your Info-Product Income! posted at Passive Income Online.

wilson ng presents Chinese Guanxi posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife. Globalization means you start to have more likelihood of working with Chinese, Japanese or Asians. For Asian culture, the art of relationship or Guanxi is important in making the business work. Understanding this facet means you can be more successful by focusing your efforts in cultivating the proper relationships.

Andrew Erickson presents No Phone Number For You! Part I posted at WebSite Werx.

Nitesh123 presents Zero Interest Credit Cards: Do They Exist? posted at anythin.

Ask Matt presents More Stumbleupon Ads Results posted at IM & Affiliate Marketing Product Testing. More stumbleupon ads results.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Why Starting a Day Care Makes Perfect Sense posted at Child Care Only.

Shari Voigt presents Improve Your Marketing With Permission! posted at Express Marketing Memo. Marketing messages bombard our eyes and ears at least 245 times per day. This interruption marketing is expensive and ineffective. But there is a better way.

Kenton Newby presents A No-Brainer Offer and a Lesson Learned posted at

David presents Startup Founders Advice posted at Worldwide Success.

Dominic Tay presents Capture the Globe through Network Marketing at Personal Development for Winners posted at Self-Help for Work-At-Home Business Entrepreneurs. you’ll have to work your ways toward success. This article talks about simple but tested 3-steps towards capturing the globe through network marketing. How? Read on.

Craig Andrews presents Tips For A Great Autoresponder Campaign (Part 1) posted at Craig S.

Jimmy Sansi presents Guaranteed Traffic Today Using These 7 Simple Methods posted at The Kaizen Business.

Tali presents All Aboard the ClueTrain – The Internet Marketing Bible posted at The Marketer Review. The ClueTrain has been on track since 1999, and what used to be its prophesy is now full on reality.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Why starting a day care makes perfect sense posted at Child Care Only. Starting a day care makes sense.

Alex M presents No Time For Complicated Seo Blogging Software: How Can a Simple Blog Help Your E-Business posted at Find Real Dropshippers.

Kenton Newby presents Focusing on Leverage posted at

James D. Brausch presents MuVar Is On posted at Internet Business Blog.

Aaron Brandon presents Product Creation Worry posted at Aaron Brandon.

Thomas D. Brownsword presents Work: A Mixed Blessing posted at Business Action Steps.

Don D. Morrison presents Taking A Bet & Turning It Into Income? Or, Online Marketing Product Creation #1! posted at

Steve Oliphant presents Stop Gambling with Your Future and Start Making Money posted at Steve Oliphant’s Musings.

James Lee presents 3 Quick Reminders of What People REALLY Think of Your Site posted at Online Business Freedom.

Susan Velez presents High Paying Adsense List posted at High Paying Adsense List.

Robert Phillips presents 5 Magic Questions Every Real Estate Investor Should Ask posted at REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

Roger Smith presents The New-Age Of MLM…Web 2.0 Online Network Marketing System! posted at Magnetic Leadership Marketing.

Charlotte Babb presents Profitable Internship = Profitable Business? Yes. posted at Charlotte Babb.

Deb presents Expert Q& A: How to Manage Your Business For Success posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Erek Ostrowski presents Give Them a Reason to Call You Back posted at Verve Coaching:: Life, Growth and Leadership, Boston MA. Offer them a token of your appreciation…a small gift of some sort that will help them justify spending their time to help you.

Jeremy Zongker presents 7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Credit Card posted at Creditor Web.

David B. Bohl presents Entrepreneurs: What Every Business Can Learn from the Luxury Travel Industry posted at Slow Down Fast Today!. As an entrepreneur, what can you learn from the luxury travel industry? Actually, quite a lot! By examining the trends that are taking place in the luxury travel market you can see ideas and business segments that are emerging amongst some of the world’s most affluent shoppers.

Lainey Hausman presents What are the top 17 sources of affiliate traffic? posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Carol Bentley presents 3 time management tips and recommended reading posted at Carol Bentley.

Mark Riffey presents Blocking time improves small business owner productivity posted at Business is Personal.

Jimmy Sansi presents Memo To Entrecard Users: Get A Clue posted at The Kaizen Business.

Sabrina Jefferson presents How To Create Your Own Blog posted at Sabrina Jefferson.

Sarah Paine presents Is Your Site NeoPet Sticky? posted at Sarah Paine.

Bill Mcintosh presents Google Penalizing Slow Websites posted at Bill McIntosh.

Marcus Hochstadt presents Why Some Should Change The Permalink Structure posted at Marcus Hochstadt.

Warren Wong presents How To Solve Problems By Changing Your Frame Or Perspective posted at Personal Development. How seemingly unsolvable problems can be solved by changing your frame or perspective.

Terry Dean presents 7 Make Money Online Myths posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on March 21, 2008. Submit your blog articles using our blog carnival submission form.

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