33 Ways an Amateur Photographer Can Make Money Online

Friday, June 18, 2010 at 5:55pm by Site Administrator

Trying to make a living as a photographer is tough. You have to deal with odd schedules, low-paying gigs, and sometimes long breaks between work. The Internet can help make working as a photographer a little easier. You can post your portfolio online, network with potential clients, and even find new and possibly high-paying jobs. Following is a list of 33 innovative ways amateur photographers can make money online. Work with Online Companies

Existing online companies are constantly looking for photographers to supply them with photos that they can sell to their own customers. Check out these sites to get a piece of the profits.

  1. Buy a Photo: This website serves as an online photography store. Visitors can browse through their catalog of photos, and then purchase the ones they want.
  2. Shutterstock: Bloggers, designers, and anyone in the market for photos can download them from this site to use for their projects. If your photo is chosen, you’ll get a cut of the profits.
  3. Share A Pic: This company pays photographers through PayPal and Google AdSense. Upload as many photos as you’d like to increase your chances of being published.
  4. Digital Railroad: This site connects you to buyers from professional organizations who are looking to purchase and publish photographs.
  5. Fotolia: Register with this system to sell your photos. You’ll make making money each time your photo is sold to a new customer.
  6. Alamy: Get 65% of each sale when you work with Alamy, "the world’s largest online collection of stock photography." Alamy makes photographers do a little more work than other stock photo sites, but you’ll get a much larger share of the profits.
  7. CameraDollars.com: This company pays photographers to upload digital images onto their site.
  8. PhotoBiz.com: Join PhotoBiz.com to make money for submitting your photographs. You’ll also meet new customers who with any luck could become your personal clients.
  9. Instaproofs: With Instaproofs, you can upload whatever photos you want. Read the marketing tutorial to learn more about meeting and working with new clients.
  10. Backprint.com: Sell your photos through Backprint, and take advantage of their custom marketing campaigns and private label services.
  11. Photo Stock Plus: Maintain the rights to your photos and earn 85% of the profits when you affiliate your services with Photo Stock Plus.
  12. dotPhoto Pro: At dotPhoto Pro, their number one mission is to "empower the professional." As an artist and a business person, you have the control to sell whichever photos you want and set your own prices and print sizes.
  13. MorePhotos.com: This website lets you upload and organize your photos and set up a shopping cart for customers.

Selling your photos

Find the entrepreneur in you, and sell your photos to buyers online. These sites will help get you started.

  1. Show Me Proofs: Register for this free program which allows you to sell photos through your website. The best part? You get to keep 100% of the profits!
  2. Zooomr: Their website boasts that Zooomr is "universally the best way to share, search, store, sort and sell your photos online."
  3. Photoblogs.org Create an account to become a member of the Photoblogs community. Your blog will appear on their website, connecting you to an unlimited number of potential buyers and contracters.
  4. Image Display Works: This online software designed especially for photographers allows you to sell photos and other photo products from your website. Sign up for direct deposit, and you’ll be able to see your profits instantly.
  5. Smug Mug: Set up your own photo gallery using Smug Mug. Get valuable tips and read funny photo session stories on the site’s forum.
  6. ProBlogger.net: Learn how to design a sleek, profitable blog, on which you can post and sell your photos.
  7. Lulu: Publish your images on the Internet quickly and easily. Lulu allows you to set your own prices and remain in control of your copyright.
  8. Shutterpoint: Learn the ins and outs of selling photos online when you participate in Shutterpoint’s photo store. Earn 85% of the profits, and then start your own online shop once you’ve learned the ropes.
  9. Easy Store Creator: Download free shopping carts and other handy merchandising tools that will turn your website into an online store.
  10. PMA: Visit the Web site for The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations to learn marketing strategies and other money making opportunities for independent photographers.


From contests to consulting, you’ll find more money making opportunities here.

  1. Snapfish.com: In addition to developing beautiful prints, this site also allows you to create mugs, cards, and other promotional items that feature your photos. Have fun making these items, and then sell them on your website to make extra money.
  2. Jyve: Earn money by becoming a consultant over AIM or Skype for Jyve.com.
  3. Just Answer: Just Answer is another site that hires freelance consultants to participate in Internet dialogues. Share your photography expertise with people around the globe.
  4. Guru.com: Join Guru.com’s directory of freelance professionals and wait for employers to come to you.
  5. Spy Media: With Spy Media, you can either upload the photos that you have or go out on actual assignments requested by buyers and the company itself. Earn money for each photo.
  6. Citizen Image: Photo categories include: news, sports and entertainment, travel and daily life, and creative. Submit photos, and earn money whenever they are published.
  7. FotoSurf Monthly Contest: This website sponsors monthly photo contests. Upload your photos to be considered in the voting process.
  8. Proof Positive Photo Contests: Proof Positive sponsors several contests year round. Check out this page for deadlines, guidelines, and prize information.
  9. Elance: Use this job board for freelancers to offer your services as a Web designer. Custom design existing photos to fit a website’s theme or take new photos as assigned by your clients.
  10. PhotoServe.com: Become a member of this photo community to connect with buyers all over the world. PhotoServe conducts year round marketing promotions to make sure your portfolio is seen by the right people.

Photographers don’t need to just rely on the occasional wedding gig to make extra money. There are plenty of opportunities to make money online as well. Try out a few of these. You might end up being successful enough to quit your day job!