50 Professional Networks for Freelancers

Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 3:39pm by Site Administrator

When you’re going it alone, it’s vitally important that you get support. The best way to do that in business is to join a professional network. Whether you’re a writer or an accountant, you’re sure to find help in these groups.


If your freelance work relies on business, get connected in these networks.

  1. AccountantsWorld: Freelance accountants can get great deals, news, and lots more from this organization.
  2. Association of Executive Search Consultants: If you’re an executive search freelancer, check out this association.
  3. Direct Marketing Association: Stay relevant and successful with this association.
  4. Association for Financial Professionals: If you’re a freelancer in treasury and cash management or corporate finance, this is the place for you.
  5. United Professional Sales Association: With this network, you’ll get education, a great community, and more.
  6. Institute of Chartered Accountants: Accountants in England and Wales can enjoy this association’s professional development, referrals, and more.
  7. AIPMM: International product marketers should join this network for education, connections, and more.


The technologically-inclined will fit in great with these networks.

  1. AIGA: Join this professional association to get access to ideas, information, education, and so much more.
  2. Mediabistro: Find jobs, education, news, and lots more on mediabistro.
  3. Association for Computing Machinery: This association offers publications, career resources, and more for freelancers in the advanced computing profession.
  4. The Usability Professionals’ Association: Check out this network’s job bank, exhibits, and more.
  5. Six Apart: Learn how to get more out of your Six Apart blogging platforms and more in this network.
  6. leniche Digital Media: Find tutorials, jobs, and more with this freelance community.
  7. Acoustical Society of America: This acoustics society represents professionals in engineering, robotics, music, psychology, and more.
  8. National Association of Science Writers: Get help with contracts, query letters, and more with this association.
  9. IEEE: This leading technology association offers conferences, publications, education, career assistance and more to freelance technology professionals.
  10. Association of Information Technology Professionals: If you’re an IT professional, be sure to check out this group.
  11. TalkFreelance: In this web development community, you can take advantage of their marketplace, get help, and more.
  12. Graphic Artists Guild: Check out this guild to learn, get jobs, and more.
  13. British Computer Society: British IT Professionals can join this organization for qualifications, development, and more.
  14. Digital Media Association: Stay on top of issues, events, and much more with this community.


Whether you’re an artist of language or canvas, these groups are great for networking.

  1. International Freelance Photographers Organization: Register with IFPO for credentials, education, and assignments.
  2. The Association of Illustrators: Freelance illustrators should check out this organization for resources, news, and more.
  3. Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network: Share ideas, interaction, and more with this network for professional jewelry designers.
  4. Wedding and Portrait Photographers International: Here you’ll get access to programs, services and more aimed at wedding and portrait photographers.
  5. Writers-Editors Network: Get resources, inspiration, work, and more from this network.
  6. TEFL: Use this network of English language teaching professionals to find a job, guidance, and more.
  7. The Illustrators’ Partnership of America: Join this partnership to get great resources and more.
  8. Photo Marketing Association International: Look to PMAI for conventions, news, and much more.
  9. Society of Professional Journalists: Get in this network’s directory, use their tools, and connect with others.
  10. Freelance Business and Technology Writers Association: Stay on top of news, resources, and more with this association.
  11. Freelance Artists Network: In this network, you’ll join the ranks of talented freelance artists in the fields of portraiture, fine arts, and more.
  12. Editorial Freelancers Association: This network is full of resources, jobs, and more.
  13. Professional Photographers of America: One of the largest professional photography associations, this group will help you find resources, education, and more.


These networks are open to just about any freelancer who will join them.

  1. Freelancers.net: Find jobs and more on this UK-centric freelancing network.
  2. LinkedIn: This professional networking site is great for freelancers in any field.
  3. Freelancers Union: Get connected, take action, and even get insurance from this union.
  4. Orkut: Connect with business contacts and more on this networking site.
  5. Minority Professional Network: This network offers a connection for job seeking, promotion, and more.
  6. Freelance Nation: Here you’ll find jobs, business management resources, and much more.
  7. Freelance Community of Interest: Check out this freelancing community for court reporters.
  8. IMDiversity: This professional network for minorities will help you get connected with opportunities.
  9. Ecademy: On Ecademy, you’ll meet new contacts, get business support, and more.
  10. FreelanceSwitch: Get advice, community support, and more from this network and blog.
  11. Freelance Mom Network: Join this community of mothers and entrepreneurs for guidance and more.
  12. Business Know-How: Network, find suppliers, and more in this small business network.
  13. iHispano: Get tools for finding opportunities and more with this network.
  14. Xing: Join this network to put the six degrees of separation theory into practice.
  15. Ryze: Reconnect with friends and business acquaintances with this network.
  16. Your local chamber of commerce: When you’re trying to establish yourself in your local area, perhaps the best network is the one in your own backyard.